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10 Smart Ways to Put RTB to Work

Remember David Letterman's Top 10 Lists? Today's blog post is a throwback to the glory days of the Late Show.

We're excited to share... The Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Stonewood's Retirement Tax Bill  | List Builder & Generator.

You may already know Stonewood's Retirement Tax Bill  | List Builder & Generator can be incorporated into your existing marketing strategies, or used to develop new ones. Now, we're giving you a check-list of the top 10 ways advisors like you are using RTB to grow their practice and boost their marketing strategy. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo here.

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RTB In Action: Success Stories from our Advisors

One of the most gratifying parts of my job is hearing from advisors who are hitting it out of the ballpark with Stonewood tools. Stonewood introduced our new Retirement Tax Bill List Builder & Lead Generator this spring, and since then I've heard from advisor after advisor having great success with the program. 

RTB (as we call it for short) helps advisors like you acquire new leads, nurture their existing contacts, and close more business. Here at Stonewood, we love sharing success, so check out a few advisor  stories below.  Then, click here to schedule a demo and discover how RTB can help grow your practice. 

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Retirement Tax Bill Lead Generator

It's here! Transform your practice with RTB.

You asked, we answered. For several years, advisors like you have been asking us to create a lead generation tool built off Stonewood's tax messaging and reports. And now, that tool is ready to power your practice growth.

We've combined our top-converting retirement tax message with the tax analysis software our members know and love. Introducing: our brand new Retirement Tax Bill | List Builder & Lead Generator.


How it works:

The RTB tool lets your prospects see their potential tax bill in retirement - and connect with YOU to help them lower that bill. You can learn all about the program and run your own Retirement Tax Bill report here.

The new Reitrement Tax Bill program can help achieve your prospecting goals:

  • Build Your List  |  Grow your marketing list through lead-capture and opt-in  opportunities 
  • Nurture Your Leads  |  Generate prospect engagement with your content 
  • Convert Your Prospects  |  Leverage the tax message to motivate prospects to book appointments
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New Holistic

What Our Authors Love Most About "The New Holistic Retirement"

We've had an incredible response to our newest book - from advisors and clients alike. So why did we write it? And what do each of us authors love most about the book?

Watch to find out - then request a complimentary copy of The New Holistic Retirement and start sharing today's most powerful saving story with your clients. (You can learn more about the book benefits that come with Stonewood Membership here.)

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The Great American Savings Myth

Nearly all Americans believe a myth.

Every time savers look at their IRAs, they take part in the Great American Savings Myth: They believe that money is theirs.

It’s an easy myth to accept. When you look at your IRA statement, it says you have a balance of $500,000. And you start thinking of ways you can spend that $500,000: how much income you can generate, what trips you might want to finance.

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