The Bots are Here to Help: Leveraging AI in Marketing for Financial Advisors

The AI revolution may still be a ways off, but today’s initial crop of artificial intelligence tools can give financial advisors a significant boost when it comes to marketing and client acquisition.

In fact, AI has helped streamline marketing for financial advisors, giving you more time to focus on growing your practice. From Bard to ChatGPT to integrated AI tools in popular platforms like Canva, there are many commercially available options to explore.

And you don’t have to be a tech expert to utilize these AI tools. Below are four ways you can start using AI in your marketing and lead generation this week.

Top 4 Beginner Ways to Use AI in Marketing for Financial Advisors

#1 |  Content Creation for Blogs and Newsletters

Can ChatGPT write an entire blog post for you? Sure. Should it? Probably not. At least not if you don’t want your content to sound like every other AI-generated article.

But that doesn’t mean AI can’t help streamline your content creation and give you the ability to write a month’s worth of content in the time it previously took you to write a single post.

ChatGPT is a great “first draft” helper to brainstorm ideas for content and get those ideas into a tidy format. Then, all you have to do is refine the content and add your own voice.

(Looking for help with your AI prompts? This article offers lots of helpful ideas.)

Content creation may be one of the quickest ways AI is transforming marketing for financial advisors, and it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the AI world.

#2 | Prospecting Emails

AI is pretty good at writing email copy, especially if you give it some samples to work with. Upload an email or two you’re using to prospect, and then ask ChatGPT to write a similar email with a different call-to-action or topical focus.

In under 30 minutes, you’ll be able to create a whole series of prospecting emails that you can plug into your marketing funnels. AI also makes it easy to make small, key changes to emails for A/B testing.

Looking for some top-converting topics for your prospecting emails? Taxes - and legislative changes from Washington -  are powerful topics for savers as we head toward the 2024 elections. Check out Stonewood’s Retirement Tax Bill program for ideas to boost your email calls to action.


#3 | Educational Content for Seminars and More

One of my favorite ways to use AI in marketing for financial advisors is to make complex issues simple for clients and prospects to understand.

I often ask ChatGPT to explain a challenging topic or concept - like America’s debt-to-GDP ratio or lifetime income benefit riders - in a way a 15-year-old would understand. This gives me simple, clear language I can use when describing complex things to people who may not be well-versed in the topic.

I’ve found this extremely helpful when crafting notes for client seminars and webinars. You’ll also find this useful for social media posts, newsletters, and more; it can even help your client-meeting process.

#4 | Research

Research? Yes, research.

Have you ever been putting together a presentation or social media post on a topic and spent more time looking for a good article to link than writing the post itself?

AI to the rescue.

In the world of marketing for financial advisors, we’re often looking for good sources of information to share with clients and prospects alike. AI can help us find, evaluate, and curate those sources of information.

Try asking Google’s Bard for some good articles that explain retirement savings to savers in their 40s and 50s. Or let Bard research historical information on Social Security benefits or a specific area of market performance.

AI can help you find the information you need in a fraction of the time it takes you to go to Google and search through the links.

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Incorporating new AI tools into your marketing for financial advisors doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Even advisors with limited technological experience can put AI to work - right now.

Start exploring the four options above, and I bet you’ll quickly find dozens of ways today’s AI tools can help streamline your marketing, client communication, and content creation.

While we wait to see if AI will one day replace our jobs altogether, it’s nice to know that the bots can help us be better advisors right now.